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IP68 Side-emit LED Strip

This product has a variety of colors. The light source is made by special technology. It has good outdoor aging resistance and protection grade up to IP68. It has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, high life and bright colors.


Product Name

IP68 Side-emit LED Strip

Product model

Product model FLWD01

LED color

W, WW, R, G, B etc.

Light source protection level


control mode

Single Color/Dynamic

Flame retardancy of enclosure

V-0 level



Anti UV level




Ambient temperature




Storage temperature


Net weight

Actual Weight

Controller and power supply

No power and controller (optional)

Application scene

1, Lantern Festival, Christmas, Spring Festival and other festivals decorative lighting;

2, theme parks, tourist attractions and other lights show;

3, outdoor lighting decoration such as parks, residential areas, squares, etc.

4, swimming pools, fountains, fish tanks, waterscape and other underwater lighting;

5, road warning, platform waiting for safety reminder.