Intention to manufacture products

LED decorative light string

Normally LED strip 60pcs/m

Normally LED strip 120pcs/m

RGB strip 30pcs/m


Lighting Decoration for Waterway

Riverway, Brook, Lakes

Lighting Decoration for Commercial Integration

Shopping Mall, Supermarket, Commercial Integration, Entertainment Venues

Decorative Lighting for Road

Street,Green Belt,Walkway

Decorative Lighting for Residence

Villa, Residence, Bridge, Pavilions and Penthouses

Lighting Scene Show

Lighting show, Festival, Opusculum show

Park Square Lighting Decoration

City Square, Park, Public Area

Lighting Decoration for Real-estate Sale Center

Lighting Decoration for Exhibition Hall and Real-estate Sale Center

Wedding Lighting Decoration

Lighting Decoration for Wedding and Festival

who are we

Brief introduction

FALOWO is the subsidiary brand of YD Illumination. It is consisted of R & D, production and sales for outdoor LED lighting products. The FALAWO products are waterproof, fireproof, energy saving, environmental friendly, anti-UV, anti-salt spray, and the product could work well under extreme high and low temperature condition etc. They are mainly used for Lantern Festival, Christmas and Spring Festival decorative lighting etc; Lighting show of Them...

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